Protect your company from mobile phishing attacks

We use our phones almost all day for both business and personal matters, making cell phones an integral part of everyday life, but most people are unaware that mobile phishing scams are a major threat. Since nearly everyone utilizes their mobile device for work, these scams can completely compromise corporate security. Although many people place a great amount of trust in mobile security, over half of hackers include mobile devices in their list of targets.

One method that hackers use is push notifications that trick users into simply giving away their credentials, leading them to believe they are only resetting their password or logging in. Another common strategy for hackers is creating look alike sites that deceive users to believe a site is authentic and then enter their information. Either way it is imperative to educate employees with security awareness training in order to protect your organization.

Left unaddressed, these mobile phishing scams can result in ransomware attacks, data breaches, and even fraud. Obviously, the repercussions for ignoring the mobile threat are outstanding so safeguards should be put in place to protect your information. Think Unified, a Dallas IT company, offers a free cybersecurity audit to help you find weaknesses and ensure you don’t fall victim to phishing attacks. Call Think Unified at (972) 864-3433 for more information on outsourced IT solutions.