Security Awareness for Phishing

Recently it was discovered that Chinese hackers had gained complete administrative access to over ten global telecom networks, once again demonstrating the necessity of cybersecurity for business. These hackers were able to steal various types of information from these networks including user’s locations as well as communication records.

This cyber-attack was well strategized, affecting government entities in 3 separate continents. They gained access quite simply through spear phishing emails and other elemental methods, and utilized web shells and remote access devices to gather confidential information from the networks. They were then able to silently disguise themselves on the network through phony admin accounts and VPNs.

Although the attacks have now been recognized and are tracked, the group of hackers is probably still around, probably hiding low plotting their next cyber-attack on an unsuspecting victim. The group is called APT 10 or cloudhopper and is well known for going after data strategically and hiding on servers undiscovered.

This is just another relevant example of why it is so important for your company to have security awareness when it comes to protecting your private information. Think Unified, a Dallas based IT support company, can offer you a free network audit, to make sure you don’t fall victim to phishing attacks!  Or email us at to learn more.