Dallas cybersecurity company warns of China hardware hack infiltrating US
Dallas businesses should take a closer look at their cybersecurity after China has been exposed recently for its participation in the creation of a new technology which implanted tiny chips onto the motherboards produced by SuperMicro.  SuperMicro is a major supplier that manufactures parts for many companies like Apple and Amazon.  These chips can give Chinese hackers privileged access, essentially opening the back door to those companies without setting off any red flags.
Government officials posited that the Chinese were able to accomplish this daring feat by infiltrating the supply chain and gaining access to contracted manufacturers.  Trusted suppliers would sometimes outsource work to subcontractors when they were unable to fulfill supply demands.  This link is where investigators believe the People’s Liberation Army was able to bribe and threaten these manufacturers into altering the motherboard’s original design to include the infected chip.
Since the illicit chips discovery in 2015, Amazon and Apple have both taken swift action to remove any trace of SuperMicro servers from their data centers.  U.S. companies have been tasked with finding a way to detect these hardware implants but have not been successful.  This places a significant burden on individual companies to be diligent in keeping their data secure.
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