Dallas IT support copmany provides tips on improving computer speed
As a Dallas IT support company, we sometimes get questions from our clients wondering how they can speed up their computer.  We’ve all had those days when you’re trying to rush to complete something, and your computer just can’t keep up, but you may not be aware there are ways to improve that if you have Windows 10. Follow the tips below to upgrade your computers speed without having to buy new hardware.
•    Stop programs from automatically launching at startup
For convenience, Microsoft will load several programs at startup so their readily available and this slow bog down the speed of your computer.  You can make some manual changes to the settings to fix this issue.  To see what programs launch at startup, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.  Then click the “Task Manager” startup tab, and you will be able to disable any programs you don’t want to launch at startup.
•    Remove useless applications
Your hard drive and memory can be bogged down by having too many unnecessary programs.  To clean up your unused programs, type in “Change or remove a program” into the taskbar search box.  Here you will be able to sort through and uninstall any program you no longer need.
•    Clean up your disks
Microsoft has a Disk Cleaner tool that allows you to get rid of any files that may be taking up unnecessary space, such as temporary internet files.  To start the Disk Cleaner, right click on any file in File Explorer and select “Properties” and “Disk Cleanup.”
•    Turn off apps running in the background
All too often programs are running in the background of your Windows 10 OS that you’re entirely unaware of.  To find out which programs are running in the background, navigate to ”Start Menu>Settings>Privacy>Background” apps.  There you can switch off the programs you don’t want running all the time.
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