Copmuter Support for Cybersecurity Threats

Dallas IT company provides computer support for the latest in phishing attacks.  Scammers are becoming more devious in order to gain access to your credentials, particularly Office 365.  The attack nicknamed “PhishPoint, is a prime example of how far hackers are going to trick you into providing your credentials.  They are providing a sense of security by using familiar aspects of Office 365 misleading people to put down their guard.  By using a true-to-form SharePoint Online-based URLS, victims are lead to believe this is a legitimate email and link but once clicked will lead them to a logon screen where the scam takes place.  Cybercriminals use authentic-looking pages in order to perpetrate their scam but there are signs that will tell you this is a scam.  This phishing attempt showed several signs of malice making it stand out:

·        The email was unsolicited and gave a sense of urgency

·        The document required the user to go through several steps just to open

·        The logon page did not have a URL associated with


These are just a few tips to recognize the latest hooks in phishing attacks.  The best way to prevent from falling victim is through training.  Here at Think Unified, we place an emphasis on training in order to have the most up to date information at our fingertips.  Don’t be the next victim.  Whether you live in Dallas, Southlake, Plano or Grapevine, call Think Unified, (972)864-3433, or click here for a free Cybersecurity Audit.