Cybersecurity for Business

Dallas IT company provides computer support and cybersecurity to prevent phishing attacks.  38,000 patient records were compromised at Legacy Health, a Portland, Oregon based health care system.  Sources say the attack had been ongoing for several weeks before officials discovered that unauthorized access to employee emails enabled hackers to steal confidential patient information.  Among the data breached, were dates of birth, social security numbers, health insurance data, and drivers licenses. 

Phishing attacks are on the rise and have topped the list of the greatest threats to cybersecurity in the second quarter of 2018.   At Think Unified, we provide the latest tools and comprehensive training necessary on cybersecurity for business to ensure phishing attacks are not a threat whether you live in Carrollton, Richardson, or Flowermound.  We offer our clients engaging cybersecurity training for the entire organization with weekly reminders to keep everyone on their toes.  It only takes one click to let a hacker in so why take that risk.  The best defense against phishing attacks is education of your employees.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Call Think Unified today, (972)864-3433, or click Cyber Security Training.