Dallas based IT company offers free cybersurity training to prevent ransomware attacks from hackers.

Think Unified is one of Dallas' premier IT cybersecurity companies and we stay on top of the latest cybersecurity news.  Recently, North Korea has alarmed security experts by what was given to the attendees and press in a “welcome bag” by the North Korean government.  Inside the welcome bag was something very concerning: a USB fan. 

There are many ways to infect a device with malware, and anything USB can be used to breach your security defenses.  This fan could be a way to stay cool in the hot climate or a Trojan horse with malicious software designed to steal your information or even hold your information hostage for ransom. 

The best way to protect yourself and your business is by having the tools to combat the ever-increasing attacks from hackers.  Think Unified is a trusted IT company in Carrollton, Texas serving the greater Dallas area from Plano to McKinney with many years of experience training individuals in cybersecurity and can get your company back on track with the latest tools.  Check out our IT security services and get a free cybersecurity audit.  Just click IT support for a no strings attached assessment.