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Phishing Attacks Are Threatening the Health Care System

Dallas IT company provides computer support and cybersecurity to prevent phishing attacks.  38,000 patient records were compromised at Legacy Health, a Portland, Oregon based health care system.  Sources say the attack had been ongoing for several weeks before officials discovered ...

Dallas IT Company Warns Phishing Attacks Are On the Rise

Protect your company from the latest cybersecurity threats Dallas.  Businesses have seen an uptick in the number of attacks on email accounts in the second quarter of 2018, accounting for 23% of all reported cybersecurity attacks reported to Beazley.  Those ...

Dallas Beware: There's a "Cool" Way to Spread Malicious Software

Think Unified is one of Dallas' premier IT cybersecurity companies and we stay on top of the latest cybersecurity news.  Recently, North Korea has alarmed security experts by what was given to the attendees and press in a “welcome bag” by the ...


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