Christmas season hackers are after your small Dallas business

The holiday season is no time for your Dallas business to let its guard down against hackers. In fact, it seems like more scammers appear this time of year to take advantage of gift shoppers. Here’s just a few tips to give your employees so you can keep your small business safe this winter.

  • Online scams seem to be everywhere nowadays- but cybercriminals create special holiday ads, social media messages, and emails to trick you into downloading malware or accessing your banking information. So next time you see a really great deal online, think twice before visiting these potentially malicious websites.
  • Around Christmas, a lot of people and companies like to give to various charities: scammers know this, and attempt to create faux charities to steal your money. Always be cautious of emails you receive requesting a donation and make sure you do your research on which charity you're giving to and assure it’s legitimate.
  • Millions of packages are sent during the holidays, so scammers are sending out spoofed emails to warn about a problem with a delivery in order to get a hold of your personal information. If you receive an email like this, don't click any links that were sent to you: instead, go directly to the website and login there to check on your packages.

If your company is without IT support, Think Unified offers reliable managed IT services to your small business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Give us a call today to find out how we can protect you from cyber crime.