uber hack prompts dallas business owners to look for IT services

Uber needed a top IT support company with premier desktop support like Dallas based Think Unified! Uber riders could be in for a shock as Bloomberg releases reports of hackers stealing data of over 57 million customers; and the worst part is Uber’s attempt to conceal the hack from the public for over a year. It’s every business’ nightmare, discovering that your network has been hacked and being forced to pay an anonymous cybercriminal in hopes of retrieving all of your data. Uber just took it one step further by keeping the hack under wraps and making a $100,000 payment to the attackers trusting that they’d "delete the data" they stole.

The deceit by Uber’s securities team didn’t go without punishment, and the chief security officer and one of his deputies were fired in light of the news, but that doesn’t help customer’s whose confidential data may still be in the hands of these hackers.

Small businesses of Dallas face the same cybersecurity threats that Uber just did and business owners have a responsibility to themselves and their clients to make sure that private information isn’t made available via hacking on the dark web; medical practices and legal offices have an even bigger responsibility to maintain confidentiality of patient and client data and could face legal action if they fail to follow certain cyber security protocols.

Think Unified, a Carrollton IT support and security company, offers computer support, desktop support, and software support services to small and medium sized businesses all over the Grapevine, Flower Mound, Richardson, and Plano area: not to mention free cybersecurity training for all of your employees and a free Dallas network audit! Don’t wait around for a hacker to find your network, give us a call today and learn more about what we can do to protect you!