Dallas cybersecurity firm

If your Dallas, Flowermound, Addison, Plano, or Richardson business currently has no IT protection you could be in trouble. Sophos, a security software and hardware company, just released their 2018 malware forecast this week and it doesn’t look pretty, with malware attacks only expected to increase next year and the United States listed as number one for ransomware attacks in the world.

Many attacks coming out of Russia and Ukraine are expected to not only target Windows, which still remains as the top target, but MacOS or Linux as well. Ransomware is also growing rapidly on Android, with one of the biggest Android attacks, DoubleLocker, breaking out last month.

And if you’re wondering if one industry is often targeted over others the answer is yes; the healthcare industry. Cybercriminals know that healthcare organizations are the most likely to pay the ransom to have their data decrypted considering the large amount of confidential patient data contained in their computer system.

Sophos also reported on a ransomware they found in a malware strain called Spora, which allows victims to choose from multiple options when it comes to decryption. The choices seen in Spora are:

  • Decrypt two files: free
  • Decrypt a selection of files: $30
  • Have the ransomware itself removed: $20
  • Buy immunity: $50
  • Get everything on the computer restored: $120

Ransomware is big business on the Dark Web, and if you don’t have an outsourced IT team to protect you, you could find yourself paying out to an anonymous hacker on the web who may or may not restore your files for you.

At Think Unified we keep your data safe by keeping your software up-to-date and backing up your data on a daily basis. With our 24/7 network monitoring, you can put your IT worries aside and concentrate on running your small business without the threat of ransomware. Give us a call today (972.864.3433) to find out more about how we can help small business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.