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Think Unified is one of the top IT consulting firms in cybersecurity for businesses in Dallas, Addison, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Southlake and other surrounding DFW cities.  So when the EU started talking cybersecurity, we weren’t surprised.  As the amount of cyberattacks continue to grow, and are only predicted to climb in 2018, the European Union has drafted a diplomatic document which states serious cyber-attacks by a foreign nation could be interpreted as an act of war. The United States is expected to adopt this new protocol to discourage any more attacks from Russia or North Korea.

With North Korea suspected to be behind the recent Wannacry attack and Russia starting the majority of their attacks with social engineering and spear phishing, the EU has declared that member states may respond to online attacks with conventional weapons “in the gravest circumstances", and an attack on one member of the EU is considered an attack on all 29 allies.

As a small business owner in Dallas, Addison, or Richardson, you probably already know that you’re in the path of danger if you don’t have a reliable IT support team to offer you cybersecurity consulting or computer support. SMBs without a support team are just asking for a hacker to corrupt or steal their data, but by choosing to outsource your IT needs to a managed service provider, like Think Unified, you protect your business by trusting the IT experts to back up all of your data; meaning a ransomware attack won’t bring your business down for days or weeks while you scramble to recover your data and pay a hefty fee to your hacker.

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