Think Unified offers cybersecurity audits to small Dallas Businesses

Phishing attacks are once again making headlines, this time for their increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure. The U.S government has released a warning to the public about hackers targeting energy and industrial firms, reporting that nuclear, energy, aviation, water and critical manufacturing industries have been targeted along with government entities in attacks dating back to May.

Although no specific victims were identified in this statement, the Department of Homeland Security cautions companies to beware of spear phishing attacks with malicious attachments and tainted websites. Homeland Security spokesman, Scott McConnell, stated, “The technical alert provides recommendations to prevent and mitigate malicious cyber activity targeting multiple sectors and reiterated our commitment to remain vigilant for new threats”. These hackers strive to obtain credentials for accessing computer networks of their targets, and can easily wreak havoc on your business data once they’ve infiltrated your computer system.

As a company that specializes in keeping Dallas businesses safe with the most up-to-date security software, Think Unified offers free cybersecurity audits to business owners searching for a way to keep their network protected. If the biggest energy and industrial firms can be hacked through simple phishing emails, imagine what the cyber criminals could do to your Dallas business. So, what are you waiting for? Give Think Unified a call today and see what our experienced team of technicians has to offer you!