Train Your Employees: A lot of small businesses are unaware that employees can be the biggest cyber threat to their computer network. If your employees haven’t been properly trained on how to look out for phishing emails (designed to trick an email receiver into giving out private information) or how to spot malicious website links or phony email addresses you could be in trouble when it comes to your network security. With a trusted Plano outsourced IT company like Think Unified, employee training will be provided to you!

Daily Backups For Your Computer Network: If you’re not sure when the last time you had your company data backed up was, you could be in trouble. Keeping data backup at least once a day not only gives you peace of mind that a hacker won’t be able to step in and hold your data hostage, it provides safety for your data in the event of a natural disaster, virus threat, or in the event that your network goes down. Think Unified can keep your data backup for you as often as every hour!

Install System Updates: Following security practices such as not reusing passwords, using multi-factor authentication, and immediately installing system updates as they are released goes a long way. A lot of the casualties of WannaCry were the result of systems running on unpatched software. Think Unified takes care of all software updates for its clients, so they don’t have to take away from their busy schedule to worry about this!

Be Conscientious Of What You Plug In To Your Computer: Malware can be spread through infected flash drives, external hard drives, and even smartphones.

Practice Caution When Using Public Wi-Fi- Lots of companies now-a-days have employees that work remotely or travel, meaning they could be anywhere out in public with their work laptop.  Free Wi-Fi access can be very appealing for business or leisure travelers but is also particularly vulnerable to security issues. Avoid un-encrypted Wi-Fi networks; ask hotels about their security protocol before connecting to the Web. Be extra cautious using Internet cafes and free Wi-Fi hotspots; if you must use them, avoid accessing personal accounts or sensitive data while connected to that network.

Don’t be an easy target for hackers. These tips above can help minimize your chances of being affected by a cybercriminal. For ultimate protection, check out Think Unified’s outsourced IT services to learn more about how we can help defend your Plano business.