If you own a small business in the Plano area you could end up among the thousands of other SMBs who will fall victim to hackers in 2017. Last year, it was estimated that $301 million was paid in ransom to hackers by SMBs to get critical files decrypted and this number is only predicted to be higher by the end of this year; this large amount is mostly contributed to lack of cyber security for small businesses.

A report by Tech Republic claimed, “Some 97% of the 1,700 managed service providers (MSPs) surveyed reported that ransomware is becoming more and more frequent for their SMB partners. About 5% of all SMBs fell victim to a ransomware attack in the past year, the report found. And most of the financial strain caused by these attacks is not due to the ransom itself, but the resulting downtime and data loss.”

If your business is operating each day without any kind of backup system in place for your data, you might as well start preparing for the loss of confidential information to hackers now. Between all the different ransomware that could seize your computers and employees who accidentally download malware to your computer network by going to infected websites and links a back-up and data restore plan is a must for small businesses! And if you’re thinking hackers couldn’t possibly be interested in stealing information from someone in your industry, think again; cyber criminals target nearly every industry they possibly can with the biggest targets being construction, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, and finance companies.

Luckily for your SMB, Think Unified is here with all the outsourced IT help you could ever need. From data backups to cyber security training and consulting for your employees, we have the answer to every tech question you could ever have for your business! Give us a call today and find out more about how we can protect your SMB.