back to school cyber security tips for Kids

Kids are heading back to school this week, and you know what that means; school supplies, and for many parents that means purchasing a new laptop for their little one to use in their studies. Although kids get excited when it comes to getting new technology gadgets, it’s important to educate them on what to look out for when it comes to scams and hackers. Here’s a few pointers to give your kids before they put their laptops to use:

  • Always Lock Your Computers- Get kids in the habit of locking their computer screens when they walk away. Having others view personal data on your computer without your knowledge is never a good idea. Sharing passwords is also a no-no. If other kids are able to access your child’s computer they may accidently install viruses or visit unsecure sites.
  • Install Security Software- This is one you can help them with. Having antivirus or anti-phishing software installed can make all the difference if the laptop becomes the target of a cyberattack or virus
  • Learn About Encryption.The availability of information and today’s technology has made it possible for anyone, even young children, to learn about encryption.
  • Stress The Importance of Physical Security- Physically securing devices is just as important as securing the data inside of them. Learning about locking cables and USB port blockers could thwart theft and unauthorized access.
  • Avoid Ads Promoting Free Products- Clicking on ads like these could route your child to a page that causes them to divulge personal information for the promise of receiving a free product. Remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is and teaching your kids to stay away from these ads assures both their physical and computer data safety.