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Is Outsourced IT The Answer To The BIGGEST CyberSecurity Threat?

The government doesn’t always keep your private info as secure as an outsourced IT company like Think Unified would.  Not only do we provide top of the line Dallas Desktop Support, we approach cybersecurity from a holistic standpoint from training ...

Don’t Fall For These Hurricane Harvey Charity Scams

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and its disastrous effect on downtown Houston, you may want to warn your employees to be careful which links they’re clicking when trying to view disaster coverage. Cyber criminals have created links, posted on ...

3 Reasons Your Small Dallas Business Needs A Managed Service Provider

Computer problems never seem to go away, and as technology expands it seems that there’s always more and more to learn about how to keep your network safe and new rules on what to do if you want to avoid ...

Easy Cybersecurity Tips For Kids Heading Back To School

Kids are heading back to school this week, and you know what that means; school supplies, and for many parents that means purchasing a new laptop for their little one to use in their studies. Although kids get excited when ...

The New Standard For Cybercrime Prevention Dallas Should Follow

If you think hackers aren’t interested in targeting your Grapevine business you should take a look at the actions of the state of Illinois. Last week, Governor Rauner signed House Bill 2371, an amendment to the state’s Data Security on ...

Free Cyber Security Training Keeps The Hackers Away!

Is Your Grapevine business doing everything it can to protect itself from phishing scams? If you don’t have outsourced IT support to protect you from losing data to ransomware attacks or to help with employee cybersecurity training you could fall ...

Could Your Dallas Medical Practice Be The Next Phishing Target?

As you know, HIPAA was put in place to provide data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information, but you may be surprised by the number of medical practices and hospitals that break these regulations. With nine settlements so ...

Keep Your Network Safe With Free Cybersecurity Training For Your Employees

In the past year, 32% of businesses have fallen victim to major cyberattacks, and research has shown that the leading cause of this is your own employees. Training your employees is crucial if you don’t want to be included in ...

The Latest Target Of Cyber-Criminals: Dallas Energy Companies

You could find yourself without power if your energy provider lacks IT support services and becomes the victim of the newest cyber-threat. Large companies usually expect to be made targets by hackers, as they have many employees who could easily ...


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