Dallas, tx businesses search for free cybersecurity training and it support

Beware of ransomware attacks Dallas businesses; global ransomware attempts have risen to 638 million from 4 million in 2015. That’s about 1.7 million attempts per day, and with more and more businesses relocating to the Dallas area, it’s imperative that business owners learn how to prevent ransomware from taking over their computer network.

With Dallas, Texas accounting for more than 9.8 million of the above-mentioned ransomware attempts, business owners have turned to Think Unified for their IT security needs.

Think Unified, an outsourced IT support provider located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, offers free cybersecurity training for your business. After all, your employees are the ones who fall for phishing scams and cause your network to shut down do to malware. With our cybersecurity education, your employees are far less likely to be the cause of computer viruses or the victim of a hacker.

We provide your business with a team of technicians who are readily available to assist you in whatever computer problem or question you may have. And with our data backup and disaster recovery plan set in place, we can restore your data to its original form should any type of malware infect your computer systems.