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A new cyber-trick could lead to hackers stealing your credit card and debit card pin numbers if you aren’t careful. Cybercriminals have exchanged stolen card information for years, but now they’re creating advanced technology that could allow them to steal your card pin and in-turn withdraw cash directly from your account.

This new dark web service, which does not have a specific name, caters to cybercriminals and advertises a simple, automated way to trick targets into giving up their PINs. The customer (cyber-thief) pays to become a subscriber, gives details of the person they want to target (name, phone number, bank), and then the service calls the target with an automated message designed to trick them into giving their pin.

"The system is simple," the website, which doesn't have a specific name, states. "The system will ask them to confirm their ATM pin number. If the victim puts in their pin number you will see it in your panel. After that you just go cash out."

With cybercriminal intelligence and creativity growing each day, your Dallas business could become the target of the next new scam; but with the help of a trusted outsourced IT provider you can avoid a cyberattack from affecting you at all. At Think Unified, a Dallas Managed Services Provider, we protect your computer network by keeping top of the line security software constantly updated on all of your machines and we back up all of your data every day, so if you ever were struck by a ransomware attack we can have you back up and running in no time!

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