Largest ransomware attack of $1M pushes Dallas business owners to get IT Support from Think Unified

Many Irving, TX business owners make the mistake of believing they’re safe from ransomware attacks; but without professional IT help it can be impossible to know whether your data is truly secure. Early last week, the largest ransomware payout in history took place, aimed at a web hosted company, Nayana, located in South Korea.  The ransomware variant, Erebus, successfully infiltrated 153 Linux servers, allowing the cybercriminals to encrypt over 3,400 websites hosted by Nayana, forcing them to pay about 1 million for decryption keys.

Ransomware isn’t just something that happens to large companies like Nayana; small and medium sized businesses in Irving are targeted every day, most commonly with phishing emails.

Think Unified, a Irving IT support provider, offers IT security to companies looking to keep their business safe. Not only can we help you in training your employees to be cautious of how hackers may try to infiltrate your business, we have a data backup plan for you in the event a cyberattack does occur.