Think Unified, a trusted Dallas MSP, provides IT Security by outsourcing it's services to Dallas restaurants

A new form of fileless malware attacks orchestrated by FIN7 (an established hacking group) has Dallas restaurants searching for an outsourced IT support company for cyber protection. Fileless malware used by the FIN7 hacking group has been targeting payment systems at restaurants. FIN7's malware spreads through phishing email messages that look like food orders. Once the malware gains purchase in a restaurant's system, it tries to install a backdoor that can be used to steal financial information. The malware hides in computer memory, a technique meant to evade detection by security tools.

Think Unified, a trusted Dallas IT Support company, has experience providing restaurants with the IT security and support that they need to operate on a daily basis. With our advanced anti-virus and anti-malware products, your network is constantly kept secure and our technicians monitor your machines proactively to assure your network runs smoothly.

Data backup plans are crucial to ensuring your restaurant is protected from hackers. Data backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to work together to ensure up-time, lessen data loss, and maximize productivity in the midst of a malware attack. Check out our website to see how a Dallas managed IT services company can protect your business.