Think Unified, Dallas outsourced IT Support, creates a safe computer network for work from home employees

Does your Dallas, TX based business allow employees to work from home from time-to-time? If so, you could be endangering your network if you don’t have the proper IT Support to ensure your data’s security. Allowing employees to work remotely part-time or all the time could mean you pay less in electric each month or save a large sum of money by operating out of a smaller office. Just make sure that you’re protecting your network when you’re allowing this!

A big motivation for companies to offer work-from-home is the rise in employee satisfaction rates, meaning lower turnover; but there are a couple guidelines your company will want in place when doing this.

Your company will need to establish a secure network, including for the computers that are remotely connecting to your business network each day. Outsourced IT Support companies can help make this possible, and can get your employees set up to work remotely. Also, you may want to restrict where your employees work. Taking a work computer to a local coffee shop to work isn’t the best idea considering not only the prying eyes in public, but connecting to public internet access points to work.

Think Unified, a Dallas outsourced IT Support provider, has a team of IT experts to add to the efficiency of your team. We can get your company setup with a remote network and help your employees with computer questions and problems from wherever they’re working!