Phishing attacks are targeting small Dallas business; Think Unified provides OUTSOURCED IT Support to protect them

More and more Dallas businesses are in search of outsourced IT Services as news of ransomware attacks and phishing continues to expand. More recently, it appears that the entertainment industry is under attack by spoofers; with the employees of two music-related businesses, September Management and Cherrytree Music Company targeted with phishing emails appearing to be sent from the CEO.

“Last month criminal hackers leaked unreleased episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” after they penetrated Larson Studios, one of Netflix' postproduction partners, and unsuccessfully tried to extort Netflix. They demanded a ransom of 30 bitcoins, now roughly 60,000 dollars.”

Disney has also been a target in recent ransomware attacks, with hackers currently holding an unreleased copy of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. The hackers are demanding a massive amount of ransom in Bitcoin and are threatening to release the movie to the public.

Ignoring the growing malware and ransomware threats can be detrimental to your business. Once your data is compromised by ransomware, there’s no way for you to get it back without paying the demands of the cybercriminals. Outsourced IT Support can help your small business by keeping your data backed up so if a hacking incident does occur your files can quickly be restored and you won’t have to pay a hefty sum to get it back.

Think Unified, a Dallas IT Support company, offers its outsourced IT Services to small and medium sized businesses in need of a data recovery plan, software and hardware support, and help with any day-to-day computer problems!