Think Unified provides outsourced IT Services to Fort Worth Law Firms

With lawyers all over Fort Worth looking for Amicus Attorney Support, Sage TimeSlips Support, and other practice and case management software support, it’s hard to believe that more Fort Worth law firms don’t outsource their IT operations to a local and trusted IT Support Company. Think Unified provides law firms all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area with IT Services so you can stay focused on running your legal practice instead of network and computer problems.

  • You Get a Whole Team of IT Experts- You never have to worry about searching for and hiring your own IT people (who would need vacation and sick days at some point) who you would need time to train and learn your practice procedures. With a local IT Support firm, you have several techs to consult with at all times and never have to worry about your network going unmonitored. And, since Think Unified is a local support firm, our techs can come to you when you need help with computer set ups or have other tech problems.
  • Business Continuity – Outsourced IT firms will monitor your systems 24x7x365.  They will also have resources on deck in the event of an emergency. Having a sole internal IT person leaves you vulnerable and dependent upon the competence of that one person.
  • Predictable Management Costs– Disasters are not predictable and they can be costly – particularly if there is no data disaster recovery plan. With an outsourced IT firm, you won’t be caught spending unplanned lumps of money in a desperate situation. We keep your data backed up so your network and it’s data is always protected.

Overall, outsourcing your IT operations allows your firm to keep focused on servicing your clients. Whether you have 10 people or 200, there are plans available to fit your business needs.