Think Unified protects Fort Worth Law firm from malware and ransomware attacks

As a Fort Worth IT Support Company, Think Unified has heard many stories of how hackers were able to compromise client files of law firms in Fort Worth. You probably didn’t even know your small law firm was at risk of being targeted with malicious software; this is the number one reason you need a reliable IT Support team on your side.

Not only do we protect your network from infiltration of cybercriminals, we have experienced technicians who have several years of experience assisting other law firms with their computer questions and needs! Our techs know how to solve any issues you may have with PC Law, Amicus, or Net Documents and can support other programs that you need to use on a daily basis to keep your legal practice up and running!

With the new malicious software known as ransomware becoming more frequently used by cybercriminals, it’s important to have an IT team that knows how to keep your data backed up properly. With Think Unified, there’s always a data backup and recovery plan in store for you. We safeguard and defend your business by ensuring you always have top-of-the-line software installed on all of your machines.

Many law firms have found themselves in a position where they were forced to notify their clients that they’re data may have been stolen by a hacker, and this almost always results in the loss of at least a few upset and disappointed clients. With Think Unified’s 24/7 proactive monitoring, we promise you cybersecurity and peace of mind knowing that ransomware won’t be disrupting your work day or your clients’ personal information.