Dallas IT Provider, Think Unified protects Dallas Dentists from growing ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a growing problem even for the smallest of Dallas dental practices. This is precisely the reason so many dentists are looking for the services of an experienced IT Support Firm to help them. Ransomware and malware can find its way into your computer network simply from you visiting an infected website or opening a contaminated link in an email, ruining your whole work week as you have to stop everything until the problem is resolved.

Ransomware will encrypt and see to it that you’re locked out all of your patient files and other important documents on your computer. The only way to gain access back is to pay the ransom of the hacker, who will normally email you an amount of money that they demand before letting you have access to your files again.

A few ways Think Unified, a trusted Dallas IT Services Provider, helps prevent you from having to pay a hefty ransom amount are making sure your data is regularly backed-up, constantly monitored, and having a data recovery plan. By keeping backups we ensure that your patient’s data and financial records are left in the hands of a hacker.

In addition to our malware and ransomware prevention, we provide a multitude of services that are useful to dentists, such as providing Carestream dental support, WinOMS support, and other dental management software support.

When you partner with us, you can count on having a reliable IT Security team at your side that proactively monitors your network to provide the best service possible!