Think Unified offers help to plano law firms in need of IT Support and IT Security

With a great IT Support team like Think Unified you’ll never have to worry about the cyber-security of your Plano Law Firm again. We’re here to offer your team PC Law Support, Amicus Support, Net Documents Support, and not to mention countless benefits from our top-of-the line software and security features.

It only takes seconds for malware to be released into your law firm’s network; and one of your employees is likely to be the reason it gets into your computer system to begin with. It’s unknown at first, but the malware slowly attaches itself to the firm’s infrastructure and in time hackers are able to steal names, social security numbers, credit cards, and a multitude of confidential and HIPAA-related materials.

A study conducted last year by CSO indicated that in March 2016, “93 percent of all phishing e-mails contains ransomware. This was a 789 percent increase over the previous quarter in 2015.”

Performing network assessments and health checks of your organization’s environment is a great precaution to take in avoiding hacker schemes. Knowing if your anti-virus, Java, and Windows OS was patched is a step in the right direction. And it’s best to know when the last time your organization’s policies involving e-mail, security, compliance, patch management, and password management were updated.

For more information on how you can protect your Plano legal practice, check out our Free IT Support Network Audit Here!