Think Unified offers cybersecurity and data backups to Dallas dental offices and practices

Think Unified provides Dental Office IT Support, Carestream dental support, and WinOMS support to small and medium sized dental offices in Dallas who initially believed that cybercriminals were not a threat to their small dental practice.

Dallas dental practices are becoming targets for cyber criminals more frequently. Dental offices hold large amounts of data including names, health history, addresses, birthdates, social security numbers, and even banking information of patients. The threat of this information being stolen by a cybercriminal is great, and dental practice owners must address this concern before a theft creates a legal nightmare for the practice.

“The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health-care providers to maintain the privacy of patient health information, and to take security measures to protect this information from abuse by staff members, hackers, and thieves. The penalties imposed on health-care providers for HIPAA violations are great. Monetary penalties can range from a $100 fine to a $50,000 fine per violation, with a $1,500,000 maximum annual penalty. In addition to federal penalties, dentists may face penalties imposed at the state level, as well as lawsuits filed by disgruntled patients whose health information was compromised.”

It’s crucial for dentists to take steps to ensure that their practice is in compliance with HIPAA provisions regarding computer security.

“When accessing office data remotely, dentists should use only trusted Wi-Fi hot spots and never use shared computers. Smartphones and tablets should be password protected to prevent easy access to patient information in case a device is lost or stolen. In addition, all hard copies of documents with patient information should be shredded. Finally, to make sure your dental practice is HIPAA compliant, data transmitted to payers, health plans, labs, and other health-care providers may need to be encrypted to ensure that a hacker will not have access to the data.”

Think Unified is HIPAA complaint and ensures that your patient data is kept secure and backed-up. In addition to the dental clinic software support that we offer, we always have experienced, friendly technicians available to help you with computer questions and issues!