For Plano Doctor's offices in need of IT help, Think Unified is here to offer medical IT Support.

If your Plano doctor’s office is lacking in IT support, it may be time to call Think Unified for medical IT services. It is no coincidence that healthcare leads all other industries in the number of data breaches, the total amount of compromised records, and the costs associated with such breaches. Healthcare databases are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for cyber criminals.

So, what can you do? Have a cyber-risk review done of your practice and implement the recommendations. Many of the common threats are easily addressed and having an experienced medical IT support company on your side to provide you with practice management software support, you’ll never be left in the hands of a hacker.

“There are three categories of protected health information (PHI) that cyber criminals target: personally identifiable information (PII), such as name, birthdate, and social security number; personal credit information (PCI), including credit card numbers; and PHI, including medical records. Healthcare providers and insurers collect all three types of information and store it electronically.”

By failing to take the necessary steps to protect the personal information of your patients, you are likely in violation of HIPAA regulations set in place to prevent patient record theft; this also opens you up to lawsuits.

No one likes to worry about whether their information is really kept secure at their doctor’s office, and you have an obligation to your patients to protect their personal data! Think Unified not only works proactively to assure data theft never occurs, we also provide your Plano practice with Amazing Charts support, WinOMS support, and Practice Management software installation, upgrades, and support. Our friendly, experienced techs are here to assure you’re never left with unanswered computer questions and problems.