Think Unified offering IT support and consulting to veterinary clinics in Dallas/ Fort Worth

Although HIPAA does not apply to pets, that doesn’t mean your Dallas veterinary clinic shouldn’t be taking all the steps necessary for maintaining a secure network. Dallas IT Support and Consulting Firms have a lot to offer your clinic in terms of security. We know you likely opened your own vet clinic to follow your passion of helping animals, but making money is always a top priority for business owners, and when your computer network is down, you can’t operate properly. Having a team of employees scrambling to figure out how to fix their computers never looks good to a client, and it could cost you their business. That’s why Think Unified is here; we handle all your IT needs and questions for you!

If you’re making it easy for cybercriminals to target you, they can and will take over your computer network at some point. They have several ways, the easiest being by email links, of infiltrating your network and proceeding to install malware to hold your business data hostage, forcing you to pay them if you ever want your client information back.

Check out just a few of the ways that Think Unified can protect your Dallas clinic from cybercriminals:

  • We maintain up-to-date security and antivirus software on all of your machines.
  • We back up your data every hour. This means that if a ransomware attack should occur, we have all of your data saved and protected so you’ll never end up paying a stranger over the internet to get your data back.
  • Proactive network monitoring means that we see your computer problems and fix them before they ever start affecting your daily routine.
  • We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationships for your internet connectivity, website management, and maintenance renewals.
  • Our experienced technicians know how to assist you with any and all computer questions and even drive to your location when you require assistance with computer or other technology set ups.