Think Unified, Dallas MSP, provided IT Support to Dallas Vets

Whether your Dallas veterinary clinic has in-house IT security or uses an outsourced IT security provider, your business data should definitely be protected behind firewalls or encrypted to prevent prying eyes from gathering sensitive information. However, many vet clinics don’t understand what data may be at risk, and choose not to secure their network. Think Unified, a Dallas MSP that services veterinary clinics, understands that your vet clinic data needs to be protected and knows how to do just that.

Although veterinary clinics are not required to be HIPAA compliant (yet!), clinics do have a responsibility to their clients to protect their personal information. Although the medical information of someone’s pet wouldn’t interest a cybercriminal, the stored financial information of pet parents surely would. Your clinic likely stores everything from home addresses and places of employment to credit card numbers and bank account information, and this is the very reason that it’s so important to keep all of your data backed-up and protected from hackers.

Additionally, vet clinic owners are expected to secure the information of their employees, meaning everything from employee health and medical info to salaries and wages.

While you make plans to partner with a Dallas IT security provider there are some things you can do to prevent a data breach in the meantime; starting with educating your staff on how malware and ransomware can threaten your business. Make sure your employees aren’t opening links sent to them in emails by unknown sources and include training on sensitive materials. Only your clinic staff should be allowed access to computers, equipment, and copiers; allowing unknown people near this equipment heightens your chances of a breach occurring.

At Think Unified, we’re always prepared for tech issues that your business isn’t expecting, meaning you can focus on what you really want to do and help your clients’ pets!