HIPAA laws can be a mess, but Think Unified handles all your Dallas medical office IT needs

After the recent news of Anthem Inc. inadvertently exposing the social security numbers, email addresses, and medical information of over 80 million of their consumers, Dallas doctors are looking for a reliable IT Solutions firm to help prevent an incident like this from happening at their office. With laws like HIPAA and the HITECH Act, doctors need to be positive that all health information is secure and protected; and not doing so could mean facing lawsuits or serious fines and penalties.

With so many laws to follow, many IT providers won’t service medical offices out of fear of violating HIPAA regulations. But what seems so threatening to other providers, Think Unified is able to handle easily with a team of experienced technicians and top-notch security features that are always kept up-to-date. By remaining compliant with these HIPAA regulations, Think Unified is able to stay in the lead of the IT Security Industry;

  • Secure Back-Up and Security- “HIPAA rules dictate several requirements for storing data: backups must reside in certain locations; retrieval of data must be overseen through access control and login monitoring; data must be kept available, even in the event of a disaster”. At Think Unified, we always keep your data backed up meaning you’ll never lose confidential information in the event of a ransomware attack or computer virus.
  • Encrypted Data- “HIPAA regulations require that data be encrypted at rest in the data centers where it resides, in transit across the Internet, and to and from the cloud.” Anthem Inc. made the mistake of not encrypting data so their employees could easier access information, and by doing this they left themselves open to an attack that in turn affected their reputation and led to hundreds of lawsuits.
  • Fully Managed IT Services- We worry about every aspect of your IT needs, from printers to your phone system. Don’t get caught up in a huge legal mess; call Think Unified today to find out how we can protect your medical practice from cybercriminals.