Think Unified warns Dallas Doctors to partner with an IT Security Firm before hackers steal medical information

With new sophisticated attacks emerging each year, IT Support Company Think Unified has become essential to Dallas medical offices who stand to remain the most targeted sector by hackers. With medical information remaining the number one most valuable type of data for attackers, cybercriminals continue to steal this sensitive information and sell it on the dark web, leaving doctors wondering how they can prevent attacks on their medical offices. Mega breaches will likely move on from focusing on healthcare insurers to focus on other aspects of healthcare, such as hospital networks.

Big healthcare hacks will make the headlines, but with 181 reported healthcare breaches ranging in size from 500 to 3.6 million effected individuals last year small breaches will cause the most damage. Of the potential sources for a data breach, electronic health records are a primary target for cybercriminals. The portable nature of this information and the number of different entities and end-points that need access to them mean the potential for them to touch a vulnerable computer system is high.

This year, the most common way to infiltrate a healthcare office is with ransomware. Typically, emails are sent to employees who then click on a link which allows ransomware to infect the medical office network. Most businesses choose to pay the ransom and get their data back not realizing that by doing this they are funding further research and development for hackers to turn around and infect other companies. However, the alternative is for the medical office to lose their patient data and face law suits as this confidential information is sold online.

The one way to assure your Healthcare office is safe from cyberattacks is to partner with a reliable IT Security and Consulting Firm like Think Unified. With IT Security your data is kept safe and is always backed-up to make sure you never lose important information.