Think Unified gives Dallas lawyers data security and safety from ransomware

In recent years, Dallas law firms have become a major target for cybercriminals with 80 percent of the nation’s 100 largest law firms reporting that they were a victim of some type of hacking scheme. For owners of small law practices, this stat is not only alarming but also a warning to gain network protection before a cyber-attack occurs; not doing so could bear heavy legal consequences as lawyers have a responsibility to protect the identity and information of their clients. As a small business owner, you may think it’s unlikely that you’re ever victimized by hackers, but as technology continues expanding, so do the ways a hacker can infiltrate your network. Many firms are finding that their employees are tricked by simple “phishing” tactics and back in 2011 a local Dallas law firm, Locke Lord, was hacked by one of their former internal IT engineers.

Law firms that neglect to get cybersecurity risk more than just the loss of their clients; they also risk malpractice exposure and disciplinary actions. In 2012, the ABA updated its rules of professional responsibility, requiring lawyers to make “reasonable efforts” to prevent the disclosure and unauthorized access to client information. But why are lawyers now increasingly becoming targets of hackers? Well, hackers know that legal firms have a high quantity and quality of valuable documents that include financial, tech, and a multitude of business information. Hackers also pay attention to stats such as the ones above, and know that many firms have little data security, making it easier for firms to come into contact with ransomware and malware.

To prevent these hacking events from occurring, and to avoid lawsuits from clients, law firms not only need to adhere to security basics such as requiring strong passwords and implementing a firewall and antivirus software, they need an experienced Dallas IT Support Firm on their side. Companies such as Think Unified can provide law firms with security from ransomware and malware, stay up-to-date with the latest security software, have a data backup and disaster recovery plan for you, and have consultants available to help you quickly over the phone and onsite because they understand the busy life and pace that lawyers must work at.