Lawyers seek IT Security with Think Unified after recent law firm hackings

Recently trending in the news is law firms falling prey to hackers due to lack of proper IT Security. Dallas Lawyers should be aware of what their firm’s IT Support situation is especially after charges were recently pressed against a Macau-based cyber gang in New York for breaching prominent law firms to steal non-public data on upcoming mergers, resulting in millions of dollars in illicit profits. Although some law firms have a stable firewall and network, hackers know that many legal practices have no protection against their attacks which in turn allows them to steal client financial information, litigation details, and negotiation strategies.

Here’s a few tips on how you can begin safeguarding your law firm:

  • Tactical Training: Train all members of your team about cyberattacks such as email scams, phishing, and business email compromise attacks so they are aware of the dangers of clicking on links in their emails. More sophisticated attacks can make emails appear to be from someone within the company, and employees should have close attention to detail in judging whether or not the email is truly internal.
  • Systems, software: Make sure all computers linked to your network have updated anti-virus software.
  • Access monitoring, restrictions: Consider only allowing a handful of people access to confidential information and systems. It is also beneficial to law firms to invest in networking monitoring systems that can reveal if one person’s terminal has been corrupted.
  • Vulnerability assessment: Seek out a company that will do a cyber risk assessment for you. This will tell you the weak points in your computer system that are vulnerable to attacks.
  • Physical security: Don’t leave boxes of client and legal information laying around year after year. This information needs to be kept locked away so it isn’t easily accessed by others.
  • Consult with a Dallas MSP: Think Unified is a Dallas IT Services Provider, experienced in servicing law firms, that keeps your network protected and updated with the latest anti-virus software. Our team of technicians are able to talk to you immediately and drive to your firm to help with computer set ups and assist with other system problems. With our preventative approach to IT Security, you can run your law firm worry-free knowing that we take measures to protect your firm before a disaster occurs rather than waiting for one to happen.