Think Unified IT Support company fights Ransomware targeting Small to Medium Businesses

Is your Dallas small or medium sized business prepared to prevent a ransomware attack? According to a new survey released by Ponemon Institute and Carbonite, 57 percent of small businesses claim they thought their company was too small to be a target of ransomware. However, this study found that 50 percent of the respondents were a victim of ransomware in 2016 and 48 percent of those businesses paid a ransom, with the average company having about 4 attacks throughout the year and paying out $2,500 per incident.

Businesses need to take the extra step in protecting their company’s data, and that starts with informing employees of how to spot potential attacks.

  • Make sure your employees know not to open file attachments from unknown emails. You should also pay close attention to the “from” address as phishing emails often make their message seem to appear from someone within the company.
  • Keep your systems up to date and use anti-malware.
  • Never download or install unauthorized software from the internet unless this has been approved by someone directly within your company.

For small businesses, having full backup is the only way to be certain that you won’t get stuck paying a ransom. It is recommended that small and medium sizes business outsource their IT needs to companies such as Think Unified, so that company data is always backed up and protected from malware and ransomware. At Think Unified we take the proactive approach when it comes to keeping your network safe from hacking and virus threats. For more information on how we protect your Dallas business visit: