Dallas IT Support Company improving employee efficiency in Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton
  1. A New Computer

I know it sounds like a sales ploy, but it’s true.  Studies show that providing your employee with a new computer can increase productivity by as much as 50%.  This is a benefit to both the employee and employer.  Many small to medium size businesses do the opposite and refuse to leverage technology in their favor.  This is a critical mistake.  Dated, old computers increase your risk to cyber-attacks but can also be a moral killer for your employees.  No one likes working with a super slow, bulky computer.  But a fast, up-to-date, sleek computer can dramatically improve employee productivity.  An investment in your computer network is an investment in your employee and they recognize that.  Don't just go buy anything though, get a FREE 2 hour consultation with a reputable,local IT Managed Services Company.

      2. Keep Goals Clear and Focused

To boost productivity, always make sure your employees have a clear and attainable goal. By letting workers know exactly what is expected of them and by giving them deadlines, they work more efficiently as opposed to being given a broad objective. When assigning a staff member to a task, always refer to SMART to decide if the task is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. If it’s not, consider altering the goal in order to help your employees achieve it more efficiently.

     3. Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

To ensure that business functions are always running smoothly, establish a communication system that employees can use to interact with one another and upper management. By having this system in place, your staff is never questioning who they need to talk to regarding specific projects or about concerns they may have. Using an internal social networking site such as Yammer or by using Office 365 (Cloud-based office suites) can make a huge difference in employee efficiency by allowing them to easily share information with each other. By keeping employees motivated, hiring proactive managers, and using technology and systems that allow employees to work quicker, the productivity and happiness of the staff in your workplace can be greatly enhanced.

As an IT support services and consulting company, we improve employee efficiency in Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Richardson, Plano and many other local cities everyday.  To learn more about our services visit our Fully Managed IT Services page.