Dallas Network Secured by Managed IT Service Provider Think Unified

Protecting your network from cyber criminals is crucial when running a business, and keeping your data safe can be a challenge. Although switching to the cloud can greatly benefit your company, it can also make you more susceptible to attacks. The following simple tips can help you secure your network:



  • Install antivirus software on all of your PCs and always keep your software up to date. Many cybercriminals study popular software so they can find new ways to hack. By having antispyware installed and staying on top of security updates, you significantly lower your chances of being the target of an attack. Be sure to inform employees of how to reduce likeliness of attacks so your business isn’t left vulnerable.
  • Make sure you have a properly configured firewall. Hackers attack businesses that have open ports (mechanisms your network opens up and connects to the internet with) in their firewalls, and the only need for a port to be open is if your business is running a Web or mail server.
  • If you have remote workers, use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to allow employees to login to your network with an encrypted tunnel. This allows your team to be shielded from attacks by your firewall.
  • Protect your Wi-Fi by setting up your router to require a password and set your wireless access point so that it does not show your network name. Be sure to keep your Wi-Fi encrypted to prevent a hacker from finding you.
  • Although this may seem obvious, be sure to change all of your passwords every 6 to 8 weeks. Strong passwords that contain more than 8 characters and mix letters, numbers, and symbols are highly recommended. Be sure that your employees are regularly changing their passwords as well, as a hacker could target them for neglecting to secure information that they have stored.

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