dallas business prevents cyber crime by using dallas IT managed services company

Both small and large businesses of the Dallas area have something in common to be worried about: cyber attacks.  The best way to combat these cyber attacks is to have a local Dallas managed IT service company backing you.  A recent survey of local businesses has results showing one third of North Texas businesses as being a target of some type of cyber attack. This survey, conducted by Deloitte, found that only 42 percent of companies have cyber insurance and 16 percent of businesses claim that they don’t have any type of cyber incident response plan at all.

Although many small businesses may not view themselves as a target due to the rise in attacks on larger corporations, such as Michaels Stores Inc. and Sally Beauty Supply, the fact is that criminals are now more likely to go after smaller companies do to their lack of cyber security and proper safeguards. Also, not commonly known, the biggest risk to a company’s cyber security is actually its own employees. Employees make great targets for cyber criminals due to their likeliness to click on phony links that are sent to their emails and made to appear from someone within their company. These links usually lead employees to malicious websites or begin to directly load software onto their computers.  Learn more about educating your employee's to keep your company safe from these malicious links and viruses here.

With news of larger corporations, such as Neiman Marcus, found to have had their credit card security hacked, studies are finding that customers lose their loyalty and trust in businesses who have been attacked, which in turn hurts their revenue. Hackers set off the security alerts in the Neiman Marcus security system around 60,000 times, however these attacks went undetected for about 8 months.  This is just one incident out of the thousands of attacks in Dallas that shows having an IT support team, more specifically a managed IT service company like ours,  can keep your business safe from cyber criminals.  Our proactive and rapid response techniques  Learn more about how we can protect your business and network from cyber crime here or give us a call at 972-864-3433.