dallas IT support company explains Amazon Go grocery shopping

We stay on top of the latest technology here at Think Unified to keep our clients constantly informed.  Well, this might not have to do with your computer per say, but Amazon Go is definitely a trending topic in the tech world right now.  So here's what we know.  Opening in early 2017 is Amazon’s newest creation, Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a grocery store designed for people to walk in, grab what they need, and walk out. No more dealing with the hassle of standing in long lines waiting to check out.

The way this works is fairly simple and all you need is an Amazon account, the Amazon Go app, and a smartphone. Customers tap their phones on a turnstile in order to enter or “check in” to the store, logging them into the stores networks and connecting to their Amazon account through the app. As you go through the store and take what you want off of a shelf, sensors track and monitor the inventory on shelves. This new technology, Just Walk Out, automatically detects when you remove a product from a shelf and adds that item to a virtual shopping cart in your Amazon account.

Amazon has opened an 1800 square foot store in downtown Seattle however, it is only available to Amazon employees so that they are able to test the full capabilities of their new invention. Many potential customers have voiced concerns over how Amazon can afford to have this kind of technology and convenience without overcharging its customers for the goods they sell. Their solution is simple; by getting rid of checkout lines all together, they’ve eliminated the need to hire more staff, saving them money, and in turn saving you money.

There is no doubt this is top of the line technology.  Amazon's patent states facial recognition can be used, microphones could record sounds from customers, and even your skin color may be identified.  Invasion of privacy?  Kinda creepy? A plethora of glorious information for marketeers? Only time will tell what Amazon Go actually ends up using and implementing for the public and when this technology will hit Dallas.

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