Over the past several years, WiFi has become increasingly widespread. For many, it’s hard to imagine going through life without it considering how it is now integrated into our daily lives.

However, as we depend on it to assist with many of our day to day activities, our expectations for superior bandwidth and speed have left us wondering how to make WiFi faster. Luckily, WiFi Alliance has recently announced WiGig, a new brand established for the 802.11ad standard that guarantees data transmission rates up to 7GBPS. Just to give an example of how fast WiGig is, uploading a two-minute HD video recording from a camcorder takes about a minute on a standard 802.11n Wi-Fi network, but would take a mere three seconds over WiGig.

Many manufacturers are expressing interest in the new certification program for WiGig. As a consumer, you are already able to go out and buy products that are carrying this, unfortunately there won’t be any routers that will be able to support WiGig until early next year.

Video game lovers are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of WiGig as this change will allow Virtual Reality Technology to operate at a higher speed. Most people are expected to adopt this new and improved form of WiFi by mid-2017, and many businesses will find that is much easier to operate with WiGig at a faster and more efficient pace.

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